Nov. 30th, 2013 09:26 am
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One of my best friends from high school, David, passed away on Thanksgiving from brain cancer. The two of us had a complicated history but I choose to remember him as just that--my best friend from high school. We were both outsiders and we got each other right away. We listened to the same music, we loved the same movies. We went to everything together. We saw a Live concert just because I loved them, we went to a Neil Gaiman reading just because I loved him (and Dave was on crutches; Neil was extra special nice to us because of that). We were partners in English and in Physics, so much so that everyone always expected us to work together on class projects. He was a maverick. He flew outside of the lines in everything. He climbed on desks and leaned back in chairs, he talked all through class, but whenever our teacher would question him he would know right where they were in the lesson plan. I think my favorite memory of him will always be in the high school cafeteria: we were discussing our favorite band, Third Eye Blind (haha the 90s), and he stood on the back of the chair with his arms outstretched, reenacting how Stephan Jenkins came out in the crowd and stood right in front of him. Whenever I felt alone in high school, he was there. I met my very best friend and maid of honor through him and I will be forever grateful that he gave me a place in this world.

Rest in peace, Dave. I understand that phrase now. I am not very religious but I have to believe that you are in a better place. I am sorry I couldn't be a better friend to you in the end, but I will always honor your memory.


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