Mar. 22nd, 2014 12:23 pm
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The way my month has gone (health/mental health issues/totaled car but thank god we are alright), I need a reminder that I am in fact strong. This poem that popped up in my feed was perfect:

Love Letters from Helen of Troy 
by Elisabeth Hewer

you always feared god-born achilles 
the most of all your fellows.
his divinity wove him taller,
better, quicker, stronger.

well here's a secret for you:
my father was a swan,
and the monthly blood on my thighs 
is two-parts ichor.

you think achilles was of impressive descent?
touch me one more time.
maybe it's time we found out
what the daughter of the mightiest god
can do.

look to your kingdoms.
i am coming for them all.

And one more by her...she's fantastic!!

Here's the Debt by Elizabeth Hewer

Here's what I went to tell you all
when your sadness is bent across your shoulders
you are stronger than your circumstances.
You are living in a harder and hotter world
Than your ancestors ever could imagine (if I
were that early creature I would never
have crawled from the sea). It's okay to hurt
like you've forgotten the absence of pain.
It's okay.

They grind you down always. You're a sword
at the whetstone, never quite ready for battle.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Let the battle start without you.
Take a bath instead. Measure the inches of your skin
and marvel that such universes can be contained
in so soft a covering. Brush you hair a hundred times
like they say olden-day ladies would.
Find a mirror. Look yourself in the eye and say,
I have as much right to be here
as any other person on the planet. This air
belongs to us all. I share my breath
with lionesses, with millionaires.

It's okay. It's okay, it's okay.
You don't owe anybody
a single damn thing. Take your own hand
and pledge your loyalty to your own
gentle heart. It's okay. You're going
to be okay.
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