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So yesterday, while I did my baking, (3 different sets of cookies for my family, his family, and work, so time consuming!), I decided to have my own holiday movie marathon- of Star Wars, that is! Star Wars was my religion when I was growing up. I mean the originals, not that prequel crap that came out more recently. My uncle bought me a VHS copy of A New Hope when I was like 10 and I haven't looked back since. I not only watched and re-watched the movies but I read all the extended universe books I could find at the library.

Since I became a "grown up," though, my obsessions have kind of fallen by the wayside. It was so comforting to go back and re-watch the movies. Not only that, but I noticed things I hadn't before. Just like a good book, you get different things out of the movies depending on the time of life you consume them. When I was a pre-teen I had no sympathy for Darth Vader. I didn't much care what happened to him in the end. Now though, I realize how easy it is to give in to anger and fear, and I was so glad to see him redeemed. I also understood the romance between Han and Leia more, having my own smart-mouthed scruffy-looking nerf herder at home. And I almost cried at the end when everyone was reunited. How good it must be to live for something worth fighting for instead of day-to-day tedium at work. I used to think life was like that!

Anyway, I can't wait for the next installment to come out next December. I may well be in the midnight showing.
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