Jan. 20th, 2015 04:10 pm
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Lots of changes coming up in my life, if all goes well!

Last weekend we went house shopping and this weekend offered a bid on a home. Sadly, the buyer had it priced unrealistically high and was unwilling to play ball, so we might have to move on from that one. But we're going to keep on looking. Only downside is it's three months rent to break our lease, but I'd rather break it now when there's a ton of homes on the market and the mortgage rates are low, rather than risk looking in the fall and not finding anything or finding it for a higher price. I'm so grateful that this time around we have an agent who really knows what she's doing and is willing to talk us through each step of the process. She was the one who talked us out of buying that first home for too much money (really, what agent does that? a good one, I guess).

Our area administrator also stopped by my work on Saturday to talk to me about my application to become a branch manager. I was too chicken last time to put my name on the list, but this time it came up and I decided to give it a shot. After all, I don't want to waste away at my current branch for the rest of my life. And I feel like at times I know as much as a branch manager does. Anyway, she stopped to talk to me about the position and encourage me to go for it, which was really nice of her and great news. So I may be moving into a new job and a new home soon, fingers crossed.
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