Apr. 21st, 2015


Apr. 21st, 2015 12:43 pm
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 It's been a while since I posted...yes, I'm still alive!

We are now moved in to our new house. Packing drove me crazy, but the day of the move itself went fairly well. We moved little stuff in the morning, and then hired Mambo Movers to do the larger stuff in the afternoon. Best decision ever! Not only did they lug furniture down three flights of stairs in under an hour, they were cheap, and charmingly hipster.

The first week in the house was challenging. It felt a bit like we were camping out in someone else's place. It took a little while to unpack the kitchen (and a lot of other stuff is still unpacked) and things kept breaking...the washing machine, the medicine cabinet, the deck is wobbily. Which led to an "oh my god, what did we do" moment. But now that we've been in there for about a month, it's much more familiar. I can cook in my kitchen, which has loads more cabinet space. I'm liking the back yard and the neighborhood.  Especially the neighborhood! It's alive! There are people outside all the time, and everyone so far is very friendly. I also love that the house is full of possibilities to make it more our own, unlike the rentals.

In the process of making it our own, we hired someone to come in and rip out all the carpets and refinish the original hardwoods next week, during which we will stay at my parent's house (potentially awkward). The following week we hired a painter to come take down all the wallpaper and paint. Yes, hired! It may be a waste of money, but is a HUGE gain of time, especially for two people who work 40 plus hours a week. After that, I will be able to truly unpack, start hanging paintings and rearranging furniture and buying things, which I'm especially looking forward to. After that, it will really feel like our own!


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